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Where are the rest of the good value offers that were in the original Etisalat app?

It was possible from the original Etisalat app to use points to get valuable offers (such as one day data roaming package), I can't find it in "smiles" app. Hope this change soon? Update 31 aug 2018. This App is still not very useful. I decided to give it another chance today. Went in for one day 500mb for 500 points. Click yes let’s do this. It confirms. An hour later. Nothing happens. I call 101. The guy suggest I call *122# and choose my reward from the menu. I go there. It say download the smiles app!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY 😐 the minimum expectation is to get the app to work on the basics. Nothing more. Fix it and the rating will change. Until then. ⭐️⚪️⚪️⚪️⚪️

Time pass👍


Worts app

Worst app!!!

Don't recommend

I can't even get past logging in, really poor app!


بإذن الله أكون المليونير القادم

The accessibility need to be improved

Hello there Nice app , but the accessibility is not yet fully supported . The app is not working well with the iPhone screen reader ; voice over I hope it will be fixed in the next update Thank you

Smiles 😊

Totally love this user & financially friendly site 👍

I agree not a good app

I agree with previous review. This app is complicated for no reason, if you have more than one phone it’s not able to link. It says it can but although I haven’t been able to link the rewards.i haven’t even used it because every time I do try I can only log in for one phone. And don’t get me started on using the rewards. Throw this app out Etisalat and get a real app!



Do you even connect?

Behoooooold Etisalat nightmare rewards program. Here’s how it works: 1 receive a notification about a product you like 2 pay for the voucher (money or credits) 3 try to redeem at the shop 4 fails fails fails because app can’t connect Even the sms with voucher number they send is useless because the cashiers wants the voucher from the app. How can I give you if Etisalat POOP app isn’t working?

Update fail!!!

When i did update the app wasn’t able to open and say it is old version and u have to update



في الأحسن منهم


GreaT app to save moNey

Best app.. 😘😊

not working

not working add my number 2


Very helpful app and provides very great stuff and services.


Simply disappointing


I like the app

App doesn’t work!

It just doesn’t work!!

Very nice



Wow keep it up😃😃😃!!!

Smiles made Rewards more complicated

I like the app design and all. What I don't like is that Etisalat took Rewards and made it more complicated by removing simple and clear one-off bundles for new postpaid. They added a whole lot of stuff I don't even use and don't want to use. Mostly, recurring bundles. If an app complicated a process, it's a bad app.


Gooooood 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Data offer

Well done

What's referral code ?

How can I get referral code ...


WITH HOPE TO WIN 100% CASH BACK 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Good n easy to use

Easy to use



You can make donations!!

I made a donation using smile points, very easy, useful app!

Adding more options

So far, it's not as useful as one might think but let's take a minute and think of what this app can actually do ... for starter, I think the developer should consider adding a charity option, e.g. Red Crescent, to this list as it would allow benefit to spread among all ... of course it's optional, however, Etisalat may be able to donate a fixed sum based on the points spent instead of offering internet packages or other type of payments/services As the app doesn't really have that much to put on the table


I redeemed 500 points for 100MB daily prepaid internet then got a message telling me I got only 50MB

Doesn't allow land line customers to login :/

I'm disappointed. I have a land line and home wifi connection with Etisalat but it's not allowing me to login. This isn't fair; we r customers who pay too. Deleting this app.


It makes you smile 👍👍

login access

Does not allow fixed line login access

Useless & and so many technical bugs sigh !

The app needs tons of developments. It needs to be more efficient and accurate. I don't see my account points as well as I can't buy any of the claimed vouchers ( I get message saying paying error) I had an experience with the help centre of this app , they are not helpful at all .. and they are having tons of attitude .. I am completely dissatisfied with such an app..



It's working now.. i redownloaded it

thank you

لا ينزل ولا يشتغل

نزلته من فترة قبل التحديث ، خرطي ولا يشتغل ولا منه فايدة ، ويرسل مسجات للتفعيل من نفس الرقم المستخدم ويحسب فلوس ، وبعد مافي فايدة . وبعد التحديث علق وما قام يشتغل ، حذفته ورجعت احاول انزله ، مافي فايدة يعطي مسج غير قادر علي التنزيل ، وفي المتجر يُبين أني منزلنه قبل . من الاخر وايد تعبان ويحتاج اعادة برحمة من الاول ويختبر ثم يسوق . وياريت يعوضون المستخدمين عن الوقت والجهد والفلوس لي خسرناها ، وتكون هذه الملاحظات مفيدة وحد يشتغل علي التطوير بشكل افضل . بالتوفيق

Long time to process the tranaaction

Taking too much time to approve the transactions.


I downloaded the app and it suddenly stopped working so tried to reinstall but the new one is not installing and asking to retry i think its just like marketplace

The update has stabilized the app!

Love the vouchers and deals, please keep the app running smoothly! ☺️




Love it ♥️ , I wish I can use my phone credit to buy things ☹️

Worst app ever

Avoid it till alternative is found , getting worse even after update



اتصالات ما عندكم شي بلاش

تفعيل الحساب بر ساله يعني رسوم في رسوم مره برستيج ومره سمارت

Nice app

Easy to use and have a lot of offer to choose from.


They removed the redeemable international minutes which is the only thing I wold use my points for.... so far DU seems like a much better option

شكرا اتصالات


Not so...

Compared to the old rewards app, this looks cool with all the added rewards but you have downgraded the communications rewards e.g. More options on international and local minutes. Subscribing to call rewards always end up "fail". Communication is more important to me than all these dining and shopping rewards which is available on other apps. I hope you'll bring it back.

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